Spring hair Trends!!!

Flamboyage… Goodbye contrived highlights,hello free styling texture… Gone are the days of straight-up-and-down two-tone streaks.Using special mesh strips instead of old-school foil,this technique gives your colourist spontaneous yet precise results.By playing with bright shaders,natural tones and a little of your own regrowth,your hair is left with a warm depth and a more natural sun-kissed look.On […]

Hair: The wonder of Moroccon Oil

Welcome to our first post for hair. The winter can be tough on our bodies especially our hair. Well there is one solution that can fix all of our problems, Moroccanoil®. Moroccanoil® products have made name around the world, many stylists use this magnificent product. Moroccanoil® is used by some of the hottest stars in Hollywood, […]