Fashion: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

“I am basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do.”- Grace Kelly.

The legendary beauty and style icon will never be forgotten.

Princess Grace, of Monaco, wasn’t only a fashion icon back in the 50’s , she’s also still seen as one today.

Taylor Swift’s style is also influenced by the great Grace Kelly.

Get the retro 1950’s nautical look…

>Shoes:                *Beautiful wedges, espadrilles and boating loafers*

>Accessories:      *Retro oversized studs, cat eye sun glasses*

>Clothes:             *Cropped jeans, striped skirts,  knotted shirts and     A-line dresses*

>>Colours to look out  for:   *Black, white, gold, navy and red*

>>Patterns:                            *Stripes* 

**Silky Duchess**

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