A womans hair is her crown

We all love our hair!We need to keep in mind that we all are unique and that not all the hairstyles/cuts may work for our face shapes…

The Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top and end in a narrow chin so the goal is to find a cut that helps balance it out.

Most jaw-length or longer hairstyles will suit you best,particularly those that flick out a bit around your chin.You’d also look great in a pixie cut,provided it’s closely cropped around the top of your head.

The Square-shaped face

The most flattering haircut for anyone with a square face shape is anything that helps soften up your angles.

Just about any length will flatter,provided you add a few layers to help frame your face and soften up the squareness of your jaw.Alternatively,you can wear soft curls or waves to help balance out your facial angles.As far as fringes/bangs go,anything that is slightly long and worn a bit to the side will help blur your naturally strong lines.

The round-shaped face

If you have a round shaped face you’ll be best suited to ;longer styles that help lengthen it out.

Anything with face-framing layers that ends a few centimeters past your chin will suit you best.Texture-wise,smooth,sleek hair trends to suit round faces as it doesn’t  add volume to the sides.

The Oval-shaped face

An oval-shaped face is considered the ideal in that it can pull off any hairstyle.

Trends to look out for:side braids,messy buns!!!

Work it ladies!

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