Winter beauty tips!


As we all know as the seasons change so does our skin…
Skin essentials for winter(beauty tips)
1.Exfoliate your dull and dry skin
2.Say goodbye to dry skin:
avoid using products containing alcohol and soap-it dries out your skin even more.
3.”Moisturise to the Max”-In these winter months everything is  about more clothes,more heating…
Just like your skin needs(more)extra care.The cold weather and the use of heating systems “rob” your skin of moisture.
Your skin feels tight and sensitive.But with just a few changes in your daily beauty routines,it is easy to avoid these problems and to correct them.Treat your dry skin with body oil.Like the ancient Greeks and Egyptians did ages ago.
Aromatic oils even lifts your spirit and calms you. Thanks to the effect the aromas have on your brain.
Make-Up Trends for winter
“Classic make-up ” Tips
1. The bold red lip
If you find that long wear lipstick dries out your lips, add a layer of lip balm over the colour for extra hydration.
2. The “catchy cat eye”
To make this look dramatic, apply a second layer of black liner around the eye. Keep your skin taut to avoid any jagged, uneven edges.
3. The “smokey eye”
Blending is key and you should never be able to see where one colour starts and another one ends.
4. Full Brows
Since we tend to over pluck, start by cleaning up around the basic brow shape. Pluck all stray hairs that are obviously not part of the brow. Stand back and look at yourself in the mirror before continuing. One hair at a time.

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