Product review: Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan range


Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil (leave-in treatment)
Lightweight Gloss Spray
Shampoo and Conditioner

I absolutely LOVE these products, I colour my hair a lot! I’ve went from dark to blonde and purple, and basically every colour you can think of.

When I coloured my hair blonde it was extremely dry, I used all of these products and viola! My hair was silky smooth and shining again!

I had to tone down on straightening my hair and blow drying but after a month or two my hair looked amazing.

My hair falls out a lot less as well, but if I must choose one product out of the whole range I would say the shampoo and conditioner is my fave!

AND their products are super affordable!


Get smooth lips for summer


We all want smooth soft lips, especially now that summer is here!

Well, now its possible with just two ingredients:

* 1 TSP Olive Oil
* 1 TSP Brown Sugar

Mix the two together and apply to lips in a circular motion, then just wipe off with a cloth and apply lip balm.

Perfume Garden…

Hey ladies!

These last few weeks I noticed something…how important perfume really are.

There are so many different smells to choose from, the celebs invest so much time and money in perfume today, every single one of them has their own perfume brand.

Sometimes I wonder why people really buy their perfume, do they like it or is it just to say “I have it”…

The best quote I’ve heard about perfume is without a doubt Coco Chanel’s view on perfume… “Where should one use perfume?” a young woman asked. “Wherever one wants to be kissed.” and “A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

There is nothing so irresistable when a man smells good enough to eat! Here is a few perfumes that I think is perfect for this spring/summer!

Fashion Ladies…

The Trends: Spring/Summer

Neutral Whites

This perennial summer favourite is chic and adds a crisp element to any outfit.Gold jewellery works when teamed with white clothing…


From tribal inspired patterns to flower prints,it can add awonderful touch to any outfit.Keep accessories and jewellery minimum…

Acid Brights

Neon makes a eye catching and bold fashion statement.Avoid too many shades of neon at a time.


This classic summer trend is amazing.Red,white and navy blue are true naval colours while polka dots,stripes and nautical references like gold buttons add fun into the look.Never wear stripes and polka dots at the same time…

**Silky Duchess**

Fashion: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

“I am basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do.”- Grace Kelly.

The legendary beauty and style icon will never be forgotten.

Princess Grace, of Monaco, wasn’t only a fashion icon back in the 50’s , she’s also still seen as one today.

Taylor Swift’s style is also influenced by the great Grace Kelly.

Get the retro 1950’s nautical look…

>Shoes:                *Beautiful wedges, espadrilles and boating loafers*

>Accessories:      *Retro oversized studs, cat eye sun glasses*

>Clothes:             *Cropped jeans, striped skirts,  knotted shirts and     A-line dresses*

>>Colours to look out  for:   *Black, white, gold, navy and red*

>>Patterns:                            *Stripes* 

**Silky Duchess**

Spring make-up trends


Spring 2012 Makeup Trends


Makeup artists played with a mix of old and new for spring. Backstage inspiration boards featured rouge lip colors that seemed pulled from a vanity table drawer from long ago, futuristic glittery eye accents, timeless natural tones and indelible smoky shadows and liners done in fresh ways. The overall message: pair vintage with modern to make a statement that’s unique and all your own this season.

An Array of Reds



Lipstick’s most iconic color was reinvented this season, proving that there are endless ways to wear a dramatic red. With inspirations that ranged from pop art expressionisms at Jason Wu to art deco experimentation at Rick Owens to Betty Draper-style elegance at Dior, it’s a great time to go for rouge.

Silky Duchess

Spring hair Trends!!!


Goodbye contrived highlights,hello free styling texture…

Gone are the days of straight-up-and-down two-tone streaks.Using special mesh strips instead of old-school foil,this technique gives your colourist spontaneous yet precise results.By playing with bright shaders,natural tones and a little of your own regrowth,your hair is left with a warm depth and a more natural sun-kissed look.On the other side of the scale,if you want to add crazy colour to your already beautiful locks,this technique will give your hair a not-so-suitable punch-celebs that love this trend Lee-ann Liebenberg,Lea Michelle and Katy Perry!!!

Also a great hair trend is “The Pastel Hair”-Colourful dipped look and streaks

DO IT!!’

Silky Duchess

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